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One of the most common sport-related injuries is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Ligaments, tight, non-stretchable fibers, connect all the bones in your body. If your ACL is stretched past its normal range, it will tear. The most common causes of a torn ACL are sudden twisting movements, slowing down from running, or landing from a jump. When you type of injury occurs, you might immediately hear a pop, your knee might lose strength, and you will begin to feel pain.

Ligaments, unlike other parts of your body, are not self-healing, and they must be surgically reconstructed. Though some people might choose non-surgical solutions, the only way to fully recover and receive full functionality in the ACL is to have surgery.

After your ACL is surgically reconstructed, the best way to prevent further injury is to take your time returning to full activity. To fully recover, you must complete rehabilitative exercises and wear protective braces to prevent further damage. Your doctor will help you decide what is best for you during the recovery process.

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