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There are several conditions that might cause pain in the front of your knee. A number of those potential injuries have been lumped together under the name “Runner’s knee.” Most times, these issues come from an irritation in the soft tissues near the front of the knee.

Some people might be suffering from this pain due to an unaligned kneecap. Other times, the pain is caused by chronic wear on an the cartilage in the knee. The wear on the cartilage causes a condition identified as chondromalacia, which causes the bone under the knee joint to become irritated.

When experiencing these issues, you will feel aching pain in the front of your kneecap, and the pain will increase when sitting or squatting.

The best treatment for "Runner's Knee" depends on the severity of the injury. The most common rehabilitation is icing the knee and resting. If the injury is severe, an orthopaedic surgeon might need to perform arthroscopic surgery to remove small portions of the damaged cartilage.

The cause of  “runner’s knee”

  • The kneecap being out of alignment
  • Overuse
  • Previous injury
  • Weak thigh muscles

At home, general care involves “RICE”:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • Elevation
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