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“Shinsplints” is a term that means there is a pain in your shins. The actual definition of this pain is medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). MTSS is a common issue for runners and dancers, and it comes from overuse. When the muscles in your shin are overused, additional pressure is put on your shin bone.

When the issue first starts, you will feel pain at the beginning of your exercise, but it will eventually go away. As the issue continues, the length of the pain will increase.

If MTSS is not resolved, you might develop microfractures in your shin bones, which will cause an even larger problem and more pain.

To treat MTSS, rest is the best medicine. In order for the injury to heal, physical activity must stop for a period of time. In addition to rest, your physician might suggest the use of anti-inflammatory medications to help relieve pain. If your case is severe, your physician might suggest surgery.

You might develop MTSS if you:

  • Have flatfeet or abnormally rigid arches
  • Run frequently
  • Do aerobic dancing

If you have the symptoms of MTSS and have seen no signs of improvement, contact your physician today for further evaluation and treatment.

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